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Our World Is Changing…. How About Yours?

Since its founding in 1973, Realty World® has grown to be one of the most recognizable names in the Real Estate industry. We have over 300+ offices with thousands of Associates in North, Central, South America, and South-eastern Europe.

The Realty World Global Referral Center suits those with an entrepreneurial spirit who are looking for a powerful but flexible business model to aid them in the growth of their business. Our name opens the door.

Your Doorway to the USA

With our 43 years of experience and by being a leading Real Estate brand, in pursuit of its mission, we have developed alliances directly by working closely with a USA network of business development partners.

Competing in today’s global market can present challenges. Your business location shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why Florida has created a business-friendly environment to enable companies like yours to grow quickly.

*USA offers visas through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services which may lead you to obtaining a green card for you and/or your family by utilizing our alliances through the innovative Investment Program Packages.

Our goal is to promote Florida as a premier business destination to a targeted audience of corporate decision makers and encourage them to select the state for their next location, relocation or expansion project directly through our Realty World Global Referral Center.

The Realty World Global Referral Center has championed Florida as the premier location for business expansion and relocation with a high interest both nationally and internationally as a top state in the US for business and has resulted in a significant number of new jobs and capital investments.


Florida’s multi-model infrastructure supports more than 19.9 million residents and nearly 97.3 million tourists each year. From road to rail, to airports, seaports and spaceports, Florida will get your people, products and ideas to the world – fast.


Leverage Florida’s strategic, global location and international trade expertise and gain success and access to foreign markets.

Quality of Life

Achieve work-life balance in the state that’s known for great weather, recreation and culture – and also offers the affordable cost of living that allows you to enjoy it all.

The Realty World Global Referral Center understands what it takes to do business and stands ready to welcome you to Florida or any part of the USA with the talented workforce, top-ranked infrastructure, global connectivity and quality of life your company needs.

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