Dubai Real Estate Institute

Over the past few years of operations, Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI)® has firmly established its presence as the first and foremost institute offering real estate courses, designations and certifications to professionals in the Middle East. DREI’s mission is to provide education, leadership, advocacy and information to ensure successful collaboration between the institute, its students, regulators and real estate professionals.

DREI’s vision is to become the leading international benchmark in creating, spreading and sustaining real estate knowledge. Our objective is to develop all rounded professionals with cutting edge knowledge of global/local real estate markets, who uphold the highest levels of ethics and values both in Dubai and throughout the region.

DREI is keen to seek partnerships with various world renowned universities and international organizations like Bond University in Australia.

Dubai Real Estate Institute is a member of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials based in the USA and the Middle East/North African Real Estate Society based in the emirate of Dubai.

We have successfully graduate more than 25 Thousand trainees since the launch of DREI by providing the best quality of education and training. We are on a continuous basis adding to our faculty portfolio a widely diverse and experienced collection of instructors.

DREI organizes annually a number of conferences, workshops, and real estate courses in the Middle East and Africa, in cooperation with the associations and global real estate destinations, such as the National Association of Realtors, in order to achieve the goal of the Institute to educate, provide best practices and international experiences for those who are working in the real estate sectors

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