Emlak Gündemi

Emlak Gündemi is the leading real estate media and marketing company in Turkey with its news websites, newspaper, magazine, national television and radio shows.

Emlak Gündemi offers an extensive overview of real estate developments, urban renewals, real estate/property deals, company reports, new residential and commercial projects and analysis in Turkey.

Emlak Gündemi operates under the motto that “Turkey’s Property News Center”. Emlak Gündemi has been spreading the real agenda of real estate sector instantly and accurately and provides up-to-date information to industry professionals and investors through its news, features and publications.

Emlak Gündemi provides high-end real estate analysis, research reports and interviews with leading industry players with its team of great authors who are well experienced experts on real estate.

Since Turkey has made real estate acquisition for foreign buyers easier with the reciprocity law introduced in 2012, Turkish real estate sector has been one the most favourite real estate market for investment in the region. Emlak Gündemi has been a reliable source of information for foreign investors.

Today, Emlak Gündemi has been a strong guide for international investors as providing consultancy for real estate investments and informing about new opportunuties in Turkey.

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