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Zhang Zhongjing is one of the most outstanding medical expert in Chinese history, and is honored as "the sage of medical". His masterpiece 《Treatise on Febrile Diseases》, established the principle of treatment according to syndrome differentiation, is the basic principle of Clinical Chinese Medicine and the soul of Chinese Medicine.Not only has it made an important contribution to the development of Chinese medicine, but also has a far-reaching impact on the development of clinical medicine all over the world.
 New Zhongjing Health Group is committed to inheriting the spirit of Zhang Zhongjing, combining with natural therapy systems around the world, to establish modern health care homes with perfect facilities and services.
It provides natural and healthy recreational space for modern cities with busy rhythm. To provide natural and healthy escort services for people with tense rhythm in modern society. New Zhongjing Health Group has eight main businesses:
1. International Natural Therapy Research and Promotion; 
2. Health theme vacation villages and hotels; 
3. Health theme apartments; 
4. Healthy planting manor; 
5. Natural therapy experience center; 
6. Healthy club; 
7. Natural plant food research and development; 
8. Healthy chain therapeutic restaurants.

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