Qazi Investments

Qazi Investments is a real estate sales and marketing services company that specializes in Pakistani Real Estate Globally.
Since its inception, Qazi Investments has played a significant role in sales and marketing of real estate projects to Non Resident Pakistanis. In 2018 QI has delivered over 100 property sales events in 20 countries, while sales were achieved from 43 countries.
The company was founded in 2014 by Yasir Mahmood and Saqib Chaudhry. QI's management team possesses a broad range of training and experience, including sales, marketing, branding, architecture, engineering, construction management, real estate development, financial analysis and property management.
Qazi Investment is focused on providing real estate investment opportunities to Non-Resident Pakistanis globally. Our strategic advantage & market know how are derived from an entrepreneurial corporate structure that delivers best-of-class services and a broad diversity of projects. This experience and efficiency allows QI to respond to changing market conditions and implement sales across a wide range of product types and scale, quickly and effectively.
Qazi Investment has won numerous awards in short span of time including Brand of the Year Award (2017, UK) & community recognition award (2018, UK)

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