5 Best Reasons to Join the Virtual Edition of the International Property Show

Why shouldn’t you miss the first virtual edition of the International Property Show?
We all know that the real estate industry was one of the hard-hit industries during the pandemic. In order to help uplift the real estate sectors and boost growth for businesses while staying safe, IPS, along with its partner, Invest in Dubai RE, a major initiative of the Dubai Land Department, offer an excellent opportunity by launching its special virtual edition to be held on 11- 20 November via its virtual venue – Events10x. 
Here are the top 5 reasons why you and the rest of the global real estate community should attend the IPS Virtual Edition.
1. It’s the best virtual platform to buy and sell properties. 
The IPS Virtual Show brings thousands of genuine buyers and investors together under one roof. As an exhibitor, you can use this to your advantage to discuss your finest offers and your competitive edge in the industry, to establish trust and promote your brand. 
In its previous edition, the remarkable event was able to attract over 100 exhibitors from 22 countries with 10,214 visitors and VIPs from 43 countries. Its post-show survey revealed that 91% of its exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of visitors and are likely to exhibit at the next event. Also, 89% of visitors were satisfied with their visit to IPS and would highly recommend the event to others.
2. Stay safe while staying ahead of the competition.
The IPS team has been working hard to make this mega virtual event possible, amidst the pandemic, so that participants can stay safe while not missing out on opportunities. 
Exhibitors can access a safe virtual environment where they can stay ahead of the competition by showcasing their latest and most-renowned projects virtually that can attract potential investors from different parts of the world.  Visitors can explore exclusive deals and best offers from the comforts of their own homes without the fear of COVID-19.
3. Global networking opportunity via a secured virtual platform.
With over 20,000 genuine, and high-profile visitors for 10 days, there is no better time to connect with thousands of local and international investors than during the IPS Virtual Edition. Through the interactive activities of IPS, high-level officials, investors and decision-makers can connect to a wide network of thousands of attendees to promote and discuss wide ranging real estate investment opportunities, or to collaborate for future investment partnerships. Buyers could also use this time with genuine developers to learn about the finest new property offerings and investment opportunities in featured countries.
4. Enjoy the best deals and offers from the comfort of your home.
Exhibitors can sell their properties in a fast-track manner by offering their best deals virtually to serious property buyers by utilizing the online facilities and services to ease transactional complexities for their market.
Likewise, this provides buyers with a one-stop shop where they can easily avail exclusive deals and special low interest rates on featured real estate properties from developers, banks, real estate agents and property auction houses.
5. Gain knowledge on industry insights from experts virtually. 
It is impossible to walk away empty-handed, as the virtual event also helps real estate players gain deeper understanding of the sector, as well as learn new ideas, trends, and strategies through webinars and virtual training sessions that are highly beneficial for real estate professionals to have an in-depth insight of the real estate competitive environment. 
Whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor, joining the first Virtual Edition of the International Property is a must if you want to take advantage of the huge opportunities waiting for you! 
Register now and do not miss out on your chance to exhibit your winning projects, widen your business network, expand your market, and see the latest, the newest and the most exclusive deals on your dream property!

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