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Ravi Urban Development Authority

The Ravi Urban Development Project is a multi trillion mega project to develop an eco city on the banks of river Ravi. The project, spanning over 124,000 acres along the River Ravi, envisions a modern city with 12 sectors (residential, mixed-use, commercial, financial, innovation, medical, knowledge, sports, downtown, tourism, and urban farm), a 46-kilometer-long clean water lake, and trees on 70% of the land. A Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) was established to oversee the development of the city as "sustainable, liveable and well-managed engines of economic growth”. Urban development and its management are critically linked with sound, comprehensive, and strategic metropolitan-level long term planning. Under the RUDA Act of 2020, RUDA will facilitate quality execution of the Ravi River front development project as per international standards. The RUDA is mandated to enter any joint venture as a partner with any person, company, agency, authority, or national or international organization or explore the option of public-private partnerships.

The city's layout will encourage urban regeneration by offering an ecological corridor to address pollution, economic centres to provide job opportunities, a planned mix of residential and commercial avenues to meet the housing supply demand gap, law and order management, and planned routes to ease traffic congestion. The healthcare system in Medical City will be comprehensive and cutting edge. Building Educational City and Sport City will ensure that young people receive an excellent education.


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