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Verse Estate

Verse Estate is a VR technology company headquartered in Dubai providing metaverse solutions (consumer metaverse/enterprise metaverse/industrial metaverse). Unlike gaming metaverses, Verse Estate is focused on hyper realistic designs. Verse Estate is currently building a full Virtual Reality World (“Verse World”), with its own marketplace and virtual economy. We recently opened our high tech 6000 sq ft. showroom at the heart of Dubai in AlSerkal Avenue and are building the biggest 3D scanning studio in the world.

Verse Estate is backed by The Lydian Group,  launched by Mangrove Capital Partners Co-Founders and tech savvy investors Gerard Lopez, Mark Tluszcz and Greg Fishman.

The Lydian Group is a London-based conglomerate aimed at supporting crypto and Web3 startups from ideas through to exits. Its companies include Cointelegraph, a leading digital media outlet with over 25 million monthly visitors and a 44% market share.


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