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Xclusiverse was founded by entrepreneurs Florina Onetiu and Cristian Onetiu in 2021, who brought a new vision to extended reality, offering businesses a more efficient perspective on how they interact with consumers. They wanted each business to offer XR platform users the most complete brand experience through immersive interactions, shopping and security.

Ever since 2010, Florina Onetiu dreamed of building a gamification platform in a virtual reality for the consumers she had in the business at that time. With a strong background in marketing and consumer behavior, she had done research on how important immersive interaction is for consumers and hence the value it could bring to businesses.

It was too early for such a vision, but the idea remained there. The years that followed showed Florina that the evolution of VR platforms was starting to bring more and more technology to fulfill her vision. Investing in businesses in the field, Florina began to outline the business plan for something that would help businesses change their world.

In 2020, the Onetiu entrepreneurs decided to build a new venture to support innovation and technological evolution, Unicorp Venture. From the beginning, they included in the group, software companies for asset tokenisation, an investment fund and, in 2021, Xclusiverse that built the leading XR cross-platform: metaverse, marketplace and web. All those platforms, integrated, are bringing value to brands and users who seek for new, amazing and immersive experiences.


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