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Elhaj Group

ELHAJ GROUP is a Turkish investment and real estate breakage company. Where its main office is located in Istanbul.it is specialized in providing the best investment opportunities for its clients who wish to achieve the highest return on investment.
                                                                OUR SERVICES

  • Finding real estate opportunities with higher returns and investment and verifying them by sending them to all official entities and creating a complete file for each opportunity before presenting it to the investor.
  • Providing the most appropriate and optimal opportunities in line with the needs of the partner of success.
  • Providing all real estate and legal consulting through experts and legal counsellor accredited to the state.
  • Ensuring that all procedures would be followed in all their stages.
  • Processing all the paperwork and documents required on behalf of both the seller and payer.
  • Registering the property in the municipality after obtaining the
  • paper title and ensuring that there would be no fees or taxes as to the property.
  • Following up the property after purchase and sending messages regularly to the owner of the property to inform him/her with the latest development on the status of the area and on the status of his/her property as well.
  • Following up taxes, fees and invoices.
  • Management of the affairs of property in the event of leasing or reselling it.
  • Providing assistance with citizenship affairs and transactions of the real estate residency. 


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