Society of Engineers-جمعية المهندسين بالإمارات

Society of Engineers - UAE was formally organized on April 03, 1979 by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - Ministerial Decree No. 331 1979 –granting the registration of “Society of Engineers - UAE”.

The foundation of Society of Engineers - UAE had started in the midst of the economic growth in the UAE. The founders had witnessed an exceptional development in the construction industry and the continuous increase of engineers working in all the engineering fields. The founders became aware of their great responsibility to be a part of this growth and to form a professional association which will include all the engineers working in the UAE.

The founders started to analyze the best concepts and means to form a strong and effective engineering association in the UAE by taking in consideration the experience of the other engineering associations in the GCC countries. The founders formulate a provisional administrative committee who prepares the articles of the engineering association and follow up the registration in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Thereafter, the Minister of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issued the Ministerial Decree No. 33 1979 approving the registration of Society of Engineers - UAE.


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