Metro News Central

Metro News Central

Welcome to Metro News Central.
The news and information gateway of one of the largest metropolis in the world--Mega Manila.
Being at the center of the nation’s economic, political, education, cultural and political front, Metro Manila-- certainly deserves a daily news source that would inspire direct engagement among its stakeholders and local government leaders as well.
The everyday challenges that confront its local government leaders and more importantly their respective constituency are wide ranging and obstinate to say, the least.
News stories and reportage that emanates from conventional and regular media outlets ---specifically print and broadcast networks—more often than not carry either the usual crime stories or issues that varies from typical social and political  issues to run-of-the mill national news.
Metro News Central envisions and hopes to fill-out the vacuum of important and critical information about Mega Manila, which largely comprised of Sixteen (16) highly urbanized cities and one municipality with an estimated population of almost 13 million.
Public awareness on high-impact socio-economic programs of cities within the Metropolis has remained wanting and hollow.
Meanwhile, daily news coverage and reportage of major newspapers, broadcast and television networks other conventional media outlets have remained focused on news stories that would “sell”.
Majority if not all television news networks carry--as their evening news headliners—crime or police stories, political issues and related sensational news.
Metro News Central’s core mission is to provide important and critical information that could help ease or alleviate the travails of living in the so-called “Big City”.
Our existence is our own small way of being able to contribute in harnessing the culture of cooperation, unity and discipline among Mega Manila’s stakeholders.
Metro News Central will serve as a platform for positive yet relevant news and information that directly concern and affect the constituencies of mega Manila’s highly urbanized multi-cities.
At the same time, our news and information portal encourages and hopes to generate massive engagement from among Mega Manilan’s and act as their sounding board so that their concerns could reach their respective local government leaders, in particular and the national government, in general.


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