What our clients are saying

Alfredo Pujol 

2023 President , Broward Miami Association, USA 

"It’s great to be here at International Property Show."

Ayman Seif 

Investment Consultant , Go Smart- Elhaj Group 

"Our experience here in IPS was a very, very nice and it’s amazing and we see a lot of investors -  biggest investors in the world, it was very nice experience and we are coming here next year."

David Moya Álvarez

Chief Executive Officer, Properties in Barcelona, Spain

International Property Show in Dubai is a “must go” real estate event for real estate companies who might be looking to expand its presence in Middle East region.

The networking, quality of the audience, speakers, and panels, ensures the best positioning and access to local markets, and provides to us, the exhibitors, with a single key space to interact with potential local investors looking to diversify abroad, as well as general public enquiries. We have attended last two years and we will for sure continue, as the interest for Spain, which became a preferred second residence location in Europe, has increased in a very considerable way last years, and the expectations is to continue to growth.
I strongly recommend the event.

Eddie Blanco 

2023 President , Miami Residential, USA 

"Fun, engaging and dynamic – that is how I describe the International Property Show."

Farhan Subhani 

Sales Manager , Victoria City, Pakistan 

"Our experience is very good in IPS, we are very happy and we appreciate IPS in fact we closed some good deals. We will definitely come back next year."

Fernando Duque 

Co-Founder , Duke VR, Mexico 

"We are here in the IPS, International Property Show in Dubai. It is our first time; in fact we like it so much as our experience in IPS have been phenomenal, we love it here, we have met so many people, so many interesting cultures, so many interesting contacts, that we will definitely going to be great for businesses in the future and in fact it is going to bring us back next year into the IPS. Thank you for so much for the organizers and thank you to everyone for make this happen."

George Englezos 

Chief Commercial Officer , Limassol Greens, Cyprus 

"International Property Show is more than just an exhibition, it is all about Opportunities, Sales, and Networking."

H.E. Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

Minister of State for Foreign Trade,

The International Property Show is a globally acclaimed event that generates vast business opportunities in the real estate market, which is a major contributor for the economic growth here in the UAE.

Hamlet Garcia 

Top Producer/ Realtor , International Realty Group, USA 

"We are here at IPS having an incredible opportunity to present our projects in Miami. And of course, we are having a great time meeting investors, meeting people, realtors from all over the world. It is for sure that IRG will be back at the IPS next year."

Harris Shaikh

CEO, Gihan Builders

We came to IPS because we knew it was a global event with participants from all over the world. We wanted to take advantage of this platform to showcase our investment opportunities, learn new industry trends, and gain exposure to the global real estate market.

Helen Hall 

CEO , HH Realty, Australia 

"I am very impressed with this Expo, and we had very good connections with different investors around the world, and very good networking as well, so I am happy to be in the show next time. It indeed was very a good experience."

Ines Hegedus Garcia

2022 Chairman Elect, Miami Association of Realtors

It is exciting to see what a welcoming global family the International Property Show is.

Iseeb Rehman 

CEO, Sherwoods International, UK & UAE 

"International Property Show is one of the oldest platforms of global real estate developers, brokers, investors, meet and network. It is one of the oldest events that’s being going in Dubai. It has actually brought a lot of inbound investments, various developers coming from overseas and as well as here."

Jennifer Forbes

Commercial President , Miami Realtors, USA 

"When you think of International Property Show, you think of innovation, partnerships and creativity."

Jessica Villanueva Tan 

Vice President , Megaworld International, Philippines 

"We got very good deals, we close deals and we are looking forward for another IPS 2024. We met a lot of people and investors also. We are so glad and happy to join again next year."

Joes van de Wouw

CEO | President, The House Friend Real Estate | FIABCI Belgium

During the IPS I met professionals with the same passion for International Real Estate as I do. What a privilege to make new contacts and do business worldwide. And this at high level!

For me an unforgettable experience and next year I will be present again!


Jordi Ribo

President, FIABCI-World

It is an honor to be here in the land of opportunities and one of the leading countries in our sector-real estate.

José Rosado 

Real Estate Advisor , REMAX, Portugal  

"We are here in Dubai for the second year. Next year we are going to be also in the IPS, and it is a great, great event every year that we come."

Joshua Samuel 

Sales Manager , Manju Global, India 

"I am happy to participate here in this IPS show, we got strong relationship with the retail sponsorship and visitors. And also, we got good references through this property show. I am happy to participate in the next IPS show."

Justine Jiménez Garcia 

2024 Residential President Elect  , Miami Associations, USA 

"International Property Show is all about great networking opportunities in a beautiful city and great people to do business with."

Katherine Arteta 

2023 YPN President , Miami Realtors, USA 

"The world is coming together at International Property Show."

Liana Snytsar 

Sales Manager , Sunny Development Group   

"We enjoyed it so much because so many interested people are coming through and they are interested in developers, not just from Dubai but all over the world, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to be here and thank you for such a pleasure. Honestly, IPS is a good place for networking, to find your customers, your investors, your people to work around the world. We will definitely participate in IPS next year."

Lorenzo Perez Jr 

2024 Commercial President , Miami Realtors, USA 

"IPS is a quality show with engaging activities and intelligent ideas."

Mahmoud El Burai

President, FIABCI-Emirates, UAE

The number of handshakes I have done in 2 years is less than the number of handshakes I have done in these 2 days. So, thank you for coming.

Manual Chen

Consultant, RE/MAX Collection, Portugal

We are here to represent Portugal and meet with investors and other industry partners to raise awareness of our country’s rich culture, food, lifestyle, and amazing real estate opportunities. We’ve been doing business with Dubai for a long time now and remain very familiar with the customer needs here. We look forward to meeting both local and international investors at IPS.

Marva Naeem Baloch 

Legal Advisor , Val Morgan Immigration Law Firm, UAE 

"We are participating this year and we are very happy with our participation because we made really good sales over here and we got really good exposure from this platform. We would like to participate once again next year, you will see us again next year at the same place and same area."

Masood Al Awar

CEO, Medallion Associates, UAE

We are very excited about this year 2022 and have established a diversified asset that are linked to real estate innovation. As we have seen, the market has thrived, and we are eager to contribute to the country’s real estate sector with our new offers and strategies. One of the main aspects that we are looking forward to is the investment in real estate technology. Medallion associates inaugurates a new branch in Pakistan to drive real estate investments in Dubai in the IPS event Think Tank Program in May 2021. Foreign investors continue to consider Dubai as a smart investment and capitalize on the many growth opportunities across sectors in the emirate. 

Michael Yong 

Deputy Managing Director , Canopy Sands Development, Cambodia 

"We are very happy to be part of this IPS this year, as exhibitor. We look forward to come again next year for sure and we definitely enjoy the atmosphere and the vibes right now in Dubai. We look forward to see you again."

Moath Abdel Aziz Mohd Al Farrayeh 

General Manager , Al Helal Al Zahaby Real Estate Development LLC, UAE 

"Participating in this exhibition, was a very nice experience, we have sold some units and closed 4 deals.  We are planning to participate next year and I ask everyone to participate in this exhibition, very well organized."

Mohammad Mousa Shanaah

CEO, Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute

It was our utmost honour in collaborating for the Prestigious International Property Show - IPS event in 2022 as a training partner, as this distinct event offers inevitable opportunities for exploring property investments, networking, learning and exhibiting.

Nuno Duarte Silva

International Department Director, Group Remax Vantagem, Portugal

The International Property Show is part of the annual planning of international events by the REMAX VANTAGEM Group.
Portugal is increasingly researched and desired due to multiple factors (Ex: Low Cost of Living, Education, Safety, Health, Climate, Real Estate Investment Opportunities, etc...) but obviously also driven by some programs that the Portuguese government has created since 2012, that allow access without internal borders to the Schengen area, better known as the Golden Visa Program.
The International Property Show not only helps to value the properties that our clients entrust to us, but also allows us to create links with the main national and international real estate players and, of course, with investors from all over the world.

Peter Leon

Broker / President, Everest Global Real Estate

As a Global Real Estate Broker, I have been attending since 2017, the International Property Show has become the most prestigious international property show as well as a venue to INFLUENCE, COLLABORATE, and a chance to EARN on a higher level while meeting new Global Real Estate Professionals.

Thank you IPS

Peter Leon 

International Real Estate Broker, USA ,

"I am actually here visiting the International Property Show, its my 4th time here visiting so it tremendous. So basically, I think of a lot of influencers here together to collaborate together for a reason is to earn dollars, we are here to earn. The mechanism is here to collaborate, get to know and earn dollars, making deals. International Property Show is about making deals and connections."

Peter Mansfield 

President and Founder , The World Property Network, UK 

"International Property show is an incredible opportunity for people to network in a very challenging market. It brings people like me to the table, I have been here 5 times since 2015, 10 years now. So I think you need these property shows because it is an excuse for everybody to get together on the international property market."

Teresa Kinney 

CEO, Miami Realtors, USA 

"Place To Be – that is IPS in 3 words!"

Vickrant Paatil

Sales Head, Shree Venkatesh Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., India

We want to gain more visibility on a global scale and IPS was an excellent platform to meet investors from all over the world. Our presence at the show allowed us to demonstrate investment opportunities as well as learn and share knowledge about the latest real estate developments and happenings of the real estate industry.

Zinea Daoui

Business Development Manager, D & B Properties, UAE

"On behalf of D & B Properties, we would like to thank the International Property Show for this amazing opportunity. In the 3-day show, we managed new relationship in the real estate sector in Dubai and from outside Dubai. It was definitely a good experience; we learned a lot and I hope if we can do this more than once a year. Again, thank you and we will definitely participate next year!"


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